We know that you're busy running your business! So we will come to you for a free one hour meeting to plan out your new website and marketing strategy. Above all your site needs to look professional in order to convert your clicks into sales. Your site needs to work in all the modern browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Your Website

Your website must reflect your business sector and your own company marketing strategy. You may have already an established marketing image. We build a site that reflect this or we can provide website templates to suit your business that will be up to date in the latest styles and functionality. We will closely coordinate with you to get the right look, images and information on to your website.

Mobile Phone Compatible

We will build your website that morphs into a mobile friendly website.


Using the latest HTML5 and Css3 techniks to build your site so when downsized to the phone small screen the elements of the page will move and change their size so that it will display the page in a more usable way for mobile phones.

Video Promotion:

For obscure products or services too more common place ones Video promotion can give the customer a new insite into how it work, looks, assembles, tunes and much more. Video can give your customer somthing that you can't show over the phone and in most cases couldn't in an advert.

Flash and You Tube presentation can be embeded into your site. The the advantages of using You Tube is your not paying for download data and the whole world can find it if they choose to search on You Tube for a simular product.

For example if I filled the space below with lots more rhetoric you would most likely not read it but if it where a video you would more than likely watch it. Even a slide show is more likely to capture the attention of a potential customer.